Oct 09, 2020

You’re in safe hands

When you’re working with electricity, in adverse conditions or confined spaces there are no second chances, which is why we absolutely will not compromise on safety. All of our field team have recently undergone re-training on working in confined spaces. This means our team work to best practice and comply with all government safety regulations. [...] READ MORE
Sep 14, 2020

The power of programmed maintenance

Regular electrical maintenance on your building or property not only ensures it looks its best, but guarantees it is as safe as possible for the people occupying it. If you are a building owner then programmed maintenance also helps to ensure you are complying with your building WOF. “If there’s a fire in your building [...] READ MORE
Aug 14, 2020

The lights go on at Davey

Davey Water Products (Davey) take safety very seriously, especially in their busy warehouse, which is why they had PASLR install new LED fittings and globes throughout – creating a much brighter, lighter and safer workplace for their staff and visitors. With 30ft high ceilings the last thing you want to be doing is constantly changing [...] READ MORE
Aug 13, 2020

Denis Adams retires after 27 years

In 1993 electrician Denis Adams joined Replacement Lamp Services on a three-month contract. Twenty-seven years later, the longest standing member of our team has hung up his tool belt and retired. Denis may not be working, but he’s certainly not sitting at home in a rocking chair watching Netflix! He has always been a busy [...] READ MORE
Jul 23, 2020

Floodlights offer ‘set and forget’ security

Almost gone are the days of constantly changing out failed lamps. With the surge of LED technology most of our work has switched from repairing to upgrading, and with the cost of LED fixtures and lamps on the downward slide, more and more businesses are enjoying the peace of mind which comes with long lasting, […]

Nov 01, 2019

Keeping compliant with testing and tagging

We offer a complete management solution for testing and tagging all your electrical appliances to ensure they conform to national safety standards. Many businesses will have a health and safety policy which requires them to ensure all appliances which plug in to a normal power point (including computers and leads) are tested to meet AS/NZS [...] READ MORE
Nov 01, 2019

Outdoor lighting on the blink

It’s the season for downpours and wild winds and the time of year when we receive the most calls from property managers about garden and outdoor lighting going on the blink. Water ingress is one of the main causes of flickering lights outdoors and because water acts as a conduit for electricity it’s something you [...] READ MORE
Nov 01, 2019

DIY electrical work? … think twice

DIYing has hit an all-time high and with renovation shows dominating our airwaves, we’ve become a culture of people who can use their Kiwi ingenuity coupled with a YouTube video to do almost anything. While we truly believe DIY culture is something that should be embraced, when it comes to electrical work there are no [...] READ MORE
Aug 21, 2019

Is it time to start using timers?

Installing timers can be an easy and affordable way to reduce your power consumption. Ever driven past an office building late at night and noticed all the windows lit up like a Christmas tree and not a soul in sight? Or come home to find the kids have left all the lights and the heater [...] READ MORE
Aug 21, 2019

Why LED is best for security lighting

If your security lighting is reliant on old technology and lamps, here are a few good reasons why making the switch to LED makes sense. LED lamps last longer (even when they are going on and off all the time) There is less chance of the light going out and if they are in hard [...] READ MORE