Important Information

Lamp Disposal

All fluorescent lamps are stored in specialty approved boxes before they are sent for recycling.

All lamps are removed off site as part of our service.  Replacement Lamp Services recycles all forms of mercury lamps.  Fluorescent lamps contain small amounts of mercury, a highly toxic waste, which if disposed of irresponsibly, can pollute and damage the environment.


Most or our team are registered electricians able to complete electrical repairs on site fully complying with the latest legislation from the Electrical Workers Registration board giving you peace of mind with Electrical Safety Certificates and Certificates of Compliance where necessary.

Replacement Lamp Services has been registered as an Independent Qualified Persons since the Building Act and registration was developed in the 90’s.  The registration is approved by the council under Section 438 Building Act 2004 for SS4 – Emergency Lighting Systems.

The company also holds significant Public Liability Insurance (Copy available upon request) giving you total reassurance.

Each year we are independently audited and certified with our Health and Safety, as this is vital and an important part of the culture at Replacement Lamp Services.

Health & Safety

At Replacement Lamp Services we pride ourselves on having an exceptional safety record. Our weekly operations meetings are focussed around best practice and ensuring both our team and our customers stay safe on every job, every time. What that sometimes means is that we require two people to complete a piece of work.

“When we are working, especially at heights, the people around us can be at risk too,” says Blair Urlich, Operations Manager. “Sometimes we’ll put out cones to cordon off an area where we are working, and if we didn’t have a second person to monitor the site, people may just ignore the cones and walk right through a potentially dangerous situation.”

We will often ask you to go and make a cup of tea or step away from your desk when we’re changing a tube overhead. While all care is taken by our electricians (all of whom have ‘Working at Heights’ and ‘Site Safe’ certification), accidents can happen, and part of our responsibility is ensuring our customers are clear of any potential hazards – just in case.

The risks of DIY – As Kiwis we pride ourselves on being resourceful and able to do things ourselves, but when it comes to the service we provide, we won’t cut corners and we insist on doing things the right way every time.  “There are strict guidelines in place around jobs which require two people to carry them out and something customers don’t always realise is that if you don’t adhere to these laws and something goes wrong on a job site then both the contractor (us) and the customer are liable,” says Blair. “We make sure we’re covered as a company by working to best practice, and we also ensure the company that we’re working for is covered.”

We appreciate your feedback! We are always looking at how we can improve and provide an exceptional experience for our customers. If you think there’s something we could be doing better, give us a call. We value what you’ve got to say.