May 15, 2019

Meet the Crew: Izak Kruger – Maintenance Electrician

Izak joined our team in August 2018, bringing with him almost forty years of experience as an electrician.

Like all of our maintenance electricians Izak is charged with checking and replacing lamps and fittings for customers all over Auckland – coming up with efficient and cost-effective ways to help them keep their lights on.

Izak has been an electrician since he was twenty years old. While his experience has been varied and spans his homeland South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, he still finds his job interesting. “Every day you learn something new – it’s just great,” he says.

Among the highlights, Izak spent fifteen years working on traffic signal transformers, he has worked as a maintenance electrician for Millers Foods in Australia and spent four years working on shutdowns in the Port Hedland mines in Western Australia.

“LED is the best thing that has happened to us in this industry,” says Izak. “They are cost efficient, safer and good for companies. We are always talking to our customers about the benefits of LED whether in offices or warehouses – they are a much safer option.”

Tip from the field: Don’t wait until something happens to check your circuit and surge protectors are working correctly. Should you experience a power surge or damage to cables, a faulty circuit protector can mean extensive damage throughout your building – including lights, kitchen appliances, air conditioning and computers. We suggest you have your circuit and surge protectors checked as part of your regular maintenance schedule.

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