Residential Lighting Maintenance

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Residential Lighting Maintenance
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Keeping Your Lights On!

Replacement Lamp Services will help create a Lighting Maintenance Plan suited to your home and your budget to keep the lights on at your house.

What We Do

Regular Servicing

If you have a large home with hard to reach light bulbs, or if they are just a pain to replace, Replacement Lamp Services can automate this for you so you don’t have to worry about sourcing the difficult lamps or even remembering to change them.

If you are short on time and dislike having a light bulb out our regular service is perfect to keep your home in top condition.

The on road team are registered electricians so they can even sort a broken power point while they are there.

Power Savings

With modern lighting technology and energy saving light bulbs coming onto the market all the time, from light emitting diodes (LED) to energy efficient fluorescents, there most often is an alternative to give you power savings, without the need to compromise on the look or feel in your home.

Call Out Service

If a regular service does not work for you, then you can log a job with our office team and they will set up a time and day that works with your schedule.