Security lighting – time to save money with an upgrade?

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With the ongoing development of technology, running security lighting now requires minimum power to keep your people and your buildings safe. It could be time to install, replace or optimise your security lighting and if you’ve not yet made the switch to LED, now is the time.

New LED flood lights are so efficient and drain considerably less power. Where in the past you may have used a 250w lamp, you can now replace those with a 20w lamp. They are brighter and tend to last a lot longer, often running between five and ten years before they need replacing. Because of this new technology the lamps require so little power they can be left on day after day without denting your power bill. In car parks these are a great idea if you require continuous lighting.

Case study:

Replacement Lamp Services recently installed five 20w security lights in a 50m long alley way. Each lamp had its own individual sensor which came on as someone walked by. “The lighting was like the sun coming on,” says Blair Urlich, Operations Manager. “People don’t want to hang around at night with this kind of lighting on them. It definitely deters undesirables.” Because the wattage of each lamp was so low, and the fittings don’t draw a lot of power, it wasn’t necessary to run a new circuit when installing the lights. Using the existing wiring saved on both labour and equipment costs.

Replacement Lamp Services can provide customers with what ever they want in terms of security lighting – LED lighting that is sub lit or extremely bright to suit the purpose. We can install timers so they come on right on the onset of darkness and go off in the morning, and as part of our maintenance plan we ensure timers are regularly adjusted as sunrise and sunset times change with the seasons.

Give us a call to discuss your needs, you may find it’s as simple as changing a few lamps!