Could Thermal Imaging reduce your risk and save you money?

Could Thermal Imaging reduce your risk and save you money?

Thermography is the use of infrared cameras to detect variations in temperature.

Many electrical connections and components will produce a higher temperature prior to their failure meaning thermal imaging can identify hot-spots which often indicate deterioration.

Replacement Lamp Services thermography specialist Eric Hammond says there are many benefits to using this method, especially from a health and safety perspective. “Finding hot spots or potential faults before the component fails and causes damage not only saves money but can reduce safety hazards and productivity loss,” he says.

The use of a compact handheld camera means the process is non-invasive but allows hard to reach or inaccessible places and dark spots to easily be checked with the technology pinpointing exactly where the problem is.

Eric says a qualified electrician with thermography training is your best bet for a thorough result. “Just because something is hot doesn’t mean there’s something wrong, you still have to use your electrical expertise to decipher what’s going on and know how to fix the problem,” he says.

Thermal imaging also allows for a more accurate and user-friendly reporting process. The technology supports strict guidelines as to what is included in reports along with extensive information as to the maximum rated heat of certain items and a process to follow should a fault be found.

Eric says everyone can benefit from using thermal imaging as part of their regular maintenance routine, weather it be a multi story building or small commercial space.
“A minimum frequency period of twelve months is recommended however our most recent thermography client has opted for six-monthly inspections because of the high profile tenants within the building,” he says. “It is also an effective option when ongoing electrical issues can’t be solved with traditional inspection methods.”

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